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"Air Relax has enhanced my training and boosted my performance by allowing me to push beyond my limits during training. I now have "fresh legs" for my performances."

Exercising every muscle intensely for at least 8 hours a day, is my usual routine as a professional ballerina. I had been looking for a quick trick to speed up my recovery – not only between daily rehearsals, but particularly between performances where there is rarely time to rest. My legs never used to get the chance to recover. I would inevitably start dancing each day with legs that felt like lead. I realized that a significant amount of my time should be devoted to the recovery process post a workout, but I would often come home exhausted and had little energy to start a recovery regime. That’s until I learnt about the Air Relax recovery system.


I first heard about air compression boots online after I saw international ballet dancers and athletes using them. A friend let me borrow her recovery boots and it became clear to me that I needed to get myself a pair. However, I never thought they were an affordable option, until I came across Air Relax. I was skeptical at first, but after reading many positive reviews about their products, it became the obvious choice.  Air Relax were extremely helpful and offered me a free trial before making my choice. I was sold after testing the Air Relax recovery system. 

I am incredibly grateful to Air Relax for this life-saving product! Post workout recovery has never been so easy and quick from the comfort of my own home. My favorite features are the 4 pressure settings that allow me to easily adjust the pressure according to how sensitive or sore my legs are feeling, and the 5 different compression modes. This allows me to direct pressure to a specific area in need of more careful recovery. The Air Relax compression boots help to alleviate the build-up of lactic acid and waste products. Muscle fatigue is reduced after just 15 minutes and my legs are left feeling fresh and light, ready for my next performance. Air Relax has enhanced my training and boosted my performance by allowing me to push beyond my limits during training.

I would absolutely recommend this product to any dancer, athlete or professional sportsman. The Air Relax recovery system has become essential to my training schedule. After a physically demanding day of training, I look forward to coming home and putting my air compression boots on, while allowing the rest of my body to completely relax. Air Relax is compact, affordable, quick and simple to use.  It leaves your legs feeling completely energized, enabling you to train hard and recover faster!

By Savannah Ireland on Feb 06, 2019

Savannah Ireland is the professional ballerina of the Joburg Ballet. Joburg Ballet is a full-time, professional ballet company, resident at Joburg Theatre in the heart of Johannesburg.


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Miellyttävä tuote, outo ikäsuositus

Erittäin miellyttäväntuntuinen tuote ja vähentää hyperpigmentaatiota, mutta miksi suositus on 20-40-vuotiaille??

Huipputuote 😍

Paras itseruskettava naamalle ja dekolteen alueelle. Tasainen rusketus joka pysyy hyvin. Meikin päälle laitettaessa ihan ykkönen, tulee ihana bronze hehku 😍 hintansa arvoinen! Plussana nopea toimitus, tilaan jatkossakin täältä! 5/5

Kiitos, välillä ollaan nopeita ja välillä tosi nopeita ;-)
Tuote on huippu eikä parempaan olla törmätty.

Loistava tuote

Tämän tulen ostamaan uudestaan. Aivan loistava tunne iholla.

r Retinoate -linja on huippuvalinta kun etsii A-vitamiinista kehittyneintä versiota. Kiitos Maarit.


Tuntuu vaikuttavan jo muutaman käyttökerran jälkeen. Imeytyy nopeasti ja iho jää hehkeäksi.

Tehokas puhdistusgeeli

Pieni määrä geeliä riittää puhdistamaan kasvot meikistä. Pesun jälkeen iho tuntuu pehmeältä, ei kuivata ihoa. Usein hinta kulkee käsi kädessä laadun kanssa, niin tässäkin. Hyvä tuote!

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